Savannah 3D wedding gown


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Savannah 3D wedding gown

This wedding dress is made in a beautiful lace with 3D flowers. It’s romantic yet modern with sharp edges. The dress has a deep V-line front but don’t worry, it’s very comfortabe and you don’t have to think of showing off too much. The breast part is covered with more emroderies and comes with extra in case you need to add on more. The dress makes a sleek but extravagant entrance and you will definilty be the star of the night. The back is open to the waist. Model is 176cm tall and is wearing size S. The upper part is made in one layer of lace and another layer of nude tulle. Bottom part is apart from the lace, also made in nude heavy stretch tulle and 19″ thick silk stretch that falls nicely to the body.

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